Imran Khan

MCT (Medical Care Team)

Local Medical and Surgical Aid

The MCT was created in 2002 in Chottanagpur, Jharkhand,India by Amit and Ilona Ghosh, Nilika Lal, Jorge Serio and myself. It is a private service to medically help the local people of our area. So many people suffer needlessly in India due to misfortune and ignorance. We help salvage people's lives which have been devastated by an accident or illness. By connecting the patients with the appropriate doctors and proper facilities, we are able to help get people literally back on their feet and regain their lost lives and dignity.

We personally find the necessary doctors who are most helpful in donating their time to perform the operations (for free or a reduced fee). Also Eye and TB medical camps are periodically organized and brought in locally.

We personally fund all the expenses (transportation, medication, bandages, etc.) Transportation is a big expense as most of our patients live in remote villages, quite often only accessible by jeep and the hospitals are at least 65 kilometers away. MCT is a personal karmic service which we handle through private funding. Anyone interested in donating or contributing please contact me: