Jharkhand Map


Jharkhand – Land of the Forest

Historically, Jharkhand is an area of land in East Central India which consists of South Bihar and parts of North Orissa ,West Bengal and East Madhya Pradesh.

This region is primarily tribal Forest lands. The main tribal communities are Santhal, Munda, and Oraon. There are also many other smaller tribes like the very primative Birhors.

As of November 2000, South Bihar has separated from the rest of Bihar and is now called Jharkhand.

Jharkhand encompasses the Chotanagpur plateau which is 2000 feet above sea level. It is here, amongst the Sal and Mahua trees that I have based my work with the tribals (Adivasis). I am working photographically with the local tribals of this region and am also starting to bring in rice and medicinal help to the more remote tundas (villages).

Chottanagpur's central location makes it ideal as a departure point for Jeep expeditions to most of the other tribal regions in India (e.g Chhattisgarh, Northeast Frontier, Orissa).